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Stay, Directional Control, and Go outs

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I moved to the basement to get more space (because it’s too hot and humid outside!) and Voodoo made great progress!  We worked on stay because he now has a good grasp of the sit target and that made it much easier for him to understand the difficult concept of “don’t move while I move away from you”.

Also got a bit more distance on the directing to the targets. And his go out (around the cone) made huge progress!  He was going a long way for a little pup! And with gusto! He definitely loves that exercise.

Not on camera, but we also did some retrieve work with his toy to try to get more distance. Unfortunately, retrieve isn’t one of his favorite things.  I think he feels like “If you want it, why do you keep throwing it!?” I’m hoping that as he gets older and better able to keep up with Dazzle that he will do less stalking/waiting and more chasing and learn to love it. Just taking it slow and keeping it fun. Hopefully the retriever part of his breed will kick in 🙂 I’ve been rewarding more with tug than food and I think that’s helping.

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