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Barn Hunt trial

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From 6-26-16

Voodoo did great at the Barn Hunt trial where I was back-up Judging today!  He was quiet in his crate even when I wasn’t by his crate and even took a nap when I ran Dazzle twice. Last night was his first experience there for the Friday evening trial and he was more fussy. Nancy took him outside and walked him around to keep him quiet when I was Judging and running Dazzle.  But today he did great. Hoping for a repeat of today when we go back for the last day of the trial. The dog with the crate that is covered with the white sheet was a Beagle who was baying frequently. At first Voodoo wanted to join in, but he quickly learned that (just like at home) being quiet pays off and barking doesn’t 🙂

6-24-16 CCDTC BH trial Sm

Might be time for a bigger crate though 🙂

6-24-16 need bigger crate Sm

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