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I have acclimated Voodoo to his swimming vest (same as I did with his harness, but it went really fast) and he’s now been begging to go in the pool to swim!  He puts his front feet on the edge and does little hops and just about pulled himself up. He needs to be bigger before he swims on his own though so he can get out on his own!

So cute in his vest!

6-23-16 life jacket Sm

A couple profile shots (almost 13 weeks old in these shots) I measured him tonight (at exactly 13 weeks) and he grew a full inch last week!  He’s now 15″ tall.

6-23-16 profile1 Sm6-23-16 profile2 Sm

“I have shredded all the tissue boxes you gave me and I’m ready for more mom!”

6-23-16 shredder Sm


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  1. what a beautiful dog!!!!!!



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