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18 week update

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Time is flying by!  Hard to believe Voodoo is already 4 months old. He is now 18″ tall at 18 weeks. He’s grown 2″ in the past 2 weeks! He can now take treats from my fingers while in heel position without having to get his front feet off the ground, or me having to bend.
And he can keep up with Dazzle when he runs!

Catching treats is going well too. But it’s hard to hold the camera and toss the treats correctly 🙂
He likes to tear up paper, so I have been “tossing” bits of paper, which float nicely, although sometime erratically and he’s been catching those more often than not.

He now has his big boy teeth in the front, which looks odd with the baby teeth next to them 🙂  I tried to get a photo, but he’s not a fan of my holding his lips back while I stick a phone in his face. LOL Doesn’t help that it takes awhile to focus and take the photo.  I might have to try with my real camera, which would be faster and might catch more than a black blur or a nice photo of the background.

I took him to the park with his new GPS collar and he did great on the short walk along the trail. Dazzle also got to go along and really enjoyed it!  Voodoo really watches him and likes to do what his “big brother” does. “Whatcha sniffin?”… “Whatcha peeing on?”… “We’re moving on, okay, wait for me!”  Dazzle wasn’t minding being left behind for awhile, but I think he’s over that now and would like to go more places again. And now that Voodoo has better leash manners, I can try taking both on errands when I don’t have to be busy with other things.

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