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Forgot to mention that Voodoo now has a snazzy new tracking device collar that I just activated. If he decides to go “walk about” while off leash, I can use my phone to see his location on a map or satellite view of the area. Kind of like insurance- you hope to never need it, but having it gives a bit of peace of mind. He’s scratched at it a few times while I was getting him used to it, but he isn’t really bothered by it. Just hoping no one thinks it’s a shock collar.  He will mostly just be wearing it when I know he’s going to be off leash.

For anyone interested, it’s a Whistle brand. I got it for half price through a facebook promo and the GPS service is $6.99 – $9.99/mo. depending on the plan you pick. There was a glitch in the facebook promo and I got a second unit for free for Dazzle! Which is why I got them when I did (before I even got Voodoo). They fixed the glitch in the sale quickly, but still honored the purchases made during the glitch. It was supposed to be buy one and get one half off, which I was considering. But because of the glitch, one was half price and when I put the second one in my cart it came up free! Couldn’t pass up THAT deal when I saw it! I haven’t activated the monthly plan for Dazzle’s yet.

7-28-16 GPS Collar sm

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