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Zoo visit!

Today we had a lovely day at the Indianapolis zoo. I had no idea what to expect from Voodoo and was prepared to leave if it was too weird for him. I thought the large predators would be scary for him, but one tiger (that was completely ignoring him) was the ONLY animal he reacted to all day! And he was able to recover and get close to the glass it was behind.

He was too focused on the birds to go in the aviary, but the birds were the only animals he kind of obsessed over.  Everything else was like “Oh yeah, I see those all the time”  LOL We went on a really high sky tram and a little train and watched the dolphin show and he totally exceeded my expectations. The staff was amazed he was only 6 mo. old and said he acted better than most of the fully trained service dogs they have seen.

I was also impressed by the animals. I was worried he would upset them and was kind of hoping they would be curious about him so I could get some good photos.  But most were completely ignoring him, even after seeing he was there. They must see dogs more often than I thought. I was very glad they weren’t upset by him.

I took several video clips and LOTS of photos. Most are compiled into this video:


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  1. Hey Chris, I watched the video – totally amazing!!!! – and posted a comment twice, but it didn’t go through….just wanted you to know. I was blown away by Voodoo – at only 6 mos. – you must be so very proud of him and you are creating and documenting together what I hope will be an amazing best seller for you….and fund you for the rest of your life! Never been to the Indy zoo and it looks so beautiful it makes me want to go….without Lilly! I love his interest in the flamingos and the Tiger’s interest in him. I would love to see him some time if you think Lilly and I could come to visit and keep Dazzle inside… Julie



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