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Novice Trick Dog Title

Today (well yesterday now that it’s after midnight) I worked with Voodoo to get on video the behaviors needed for the Novice Trick Dog title. I used the printable Novice application as a guide for behaviors to pick from. But when I went to submit the application on-line, I found the listing of Novice tricks was not the same and almost half of the 15 tricks we did were actually from higher levels! So they will get re-used for those levels 🙂

Anyone can witness the team doing the Novice behaviors so it doesn’t have to be on video. But I got it on video so that a Certified Trick Dog Instructor could view it and sign off on it (so I get a fancy seal on his certificate) 🙂 It just needs to be processed and we’ll get a fancy certificate and a ribbon in the mail and he can use the title NTD after his name. We will be working on the Intermediate level as soon as I can get all the props together and get it on video.

Here is the Novice video:

The tricks he did were:

  1. Heel with auto sit (Intermediate Level trick)
  2. Back up (Advanced Level trick)
  3. Recall/come
  4. Swing finish (Intermediate Level)
  5. Stay
  6. Down
  7. Retrieve to hand (Intermediate Level)
  8. Hold object for 5 seconds (Intermediate level)
  9. Give
  10. Get the leash
  11. Leave it
  12. Spins
  13. Balance Ball (Intermediate level)
  14. Barrels (go around) (Intermediate Level)
  15. Kennel up

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