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First Santa visit

Voodoo’s first visit with Santa! We went to Bass Pro Shops this evening and found that the line was about an hour long, but since we were there I decided to wait. If you look at the crowd photo, the arrow is pointing to a barely visible candy cane WAY in the distance where the turn to Santa was located.

Shortly after settling in to wait, Voodoo gave up on being patient and he got Dazzle to play. I was afraid their rough housing would get out of hand and wipe out one of the small children running all over so I put Voodoo in the cart to help him settle and he did really great there! He was able to greet (& kiss) the staff and kids and others passing by, without jumping on them and it kept him off his brother 🙂 Dazzle was a pro and was mostly standing patiently by my side, but he went to get attention from the folks saying hi to Voodoo.

It was pretty rushed once we got to the very tired Santa so I didn’t have much time to get them positioned, leashes off and then get myself positioned to get some cell phone shots. But Santa was very nice and we chatted about how his “smiler” was sore and how his “smile” didn’t relax off his face till around mid-January. Bass Pro provides a free printed photo and tonight they were giving away free frames too!

Very proud of how well both dogs did with the chaos of the kids running all over and screeching and a few crying and the bright flashes of the strobe lights for the camera and sounds/motion of the remote control toys for kids to play with and the animatronic elf and reindeer and all the other things that might normally stress a dog. They just took it all in stride.


Arrow showing the turn, WAY in the distance12-13-16-2-lines-for-santa

Waiting patiently in line12-13-16-3-waiting-patiently-sm

Still waiting…12-13-16-4-just-chillin-sm

Almost to Santa! 12-13-16-5-almost-to-santa-sm

Free printed photo and frame from Bass Pro Shops12-13-16-free-photo-and-frame

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  1. wow! I would say the 3 of you are amazing!!!! where is Dazzle’s fancy Christmas collar?


  2. What a great Santa picture! What good dogs.


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