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Visit to Newport Aquarium

Went to the Newport Aquarium today for the first time. They have a lot of interesting creatures and displays. Not sure I can say it’s worth full price admission though, so I’m glad I took advantage of the holiday special to save $8!

This huge tree was in the mall area we had to go through to get to the aquarium.


He liked these falling bubbles, but I didn’t let him eat too many of them 🙂 Surprisingly, none of the kids mobbed him!


Living dangerously (or going for the treat I put in there) 🙂


This gator is HUGE! 15+ feet long! Because Voodoo is sitting closer to the camera, it makes the gator look smaller. But a toddler would be an single gulp snack for this guy!


I had a hard time getting a photo here without a bunch of kids climbing on all the frogs.


Posing with the penguins


Voodoo’s favorite was the otter. It was the only creature he took interest in and the otter was interested in him too!  It is in the water looking at him in this photo.


And it came up and looked right at Voodoo!  But he wanted to bark at it, so I got him out of there.


Video of Voodoo and the otter:

Also saw these strange creatures called “upside down jelly fish”:


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  1. Loved all your pics. You do so many wonderful things with him.


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  2. He must have thought that was the biggest rat he’s ever seen swimming in the water. Such cute photos and expressions on his face. Have a wonderful Christmas.



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