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Catching up- nosework

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Once again, I have fallen way behind in updating Voodoo’s blog.  He has been a very busy boy, so I’m going to try to group the updates into categories (nosework, dock diving, barn hunt, and other). Sorry for the flurry of multiple posts.  I’m much more regular about updating his facebook page:

Videos of his 2nd and 3rd Level 2 nosework Qs from Jan 18th

2nd Q (first run today) is his most lovely run to date! Only took him 37.58 sec. to find both odors including reward time on the first find. He only barked at the find and did great indications. VERY happy with this run!

3rd Q (2nd run today) he was more amped up and he buzzed by the first odor, which he did bark at and look at, but then he moved away and continued to bark and check containers, so I wasn’t certain on which one. He was much more clear with his second find and then he went back to the area where he first barked and gave a beautiful false alert. I’m guessing the hide had a lot of odor and it was all over that corner. But once I got him near the correct container, he knew it was right without even putting his nose on it. But after the first false alert, I wanted to be certain 🙂

He is now only 1 Q away from both his level 1 title and his level 2 title. Our next nosework trial is March 15th and 22nd. Only level 1 and 3 are offered at those trials, so I’m hoping to finish his level 1 title and move up to level 3 to get some of those Qs before the National.


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