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Catching up- Barn Hunt

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Voodoo is well on his way toward his Championship title!  Only 2 more Qs needed, which I’m hoping he will get in MI in a couple weeks.

Feb 3rd:

No luck today at barn hunt. Voodoo had a close discrimination between a rat tube and a bedding tube and he hit on the bedding one before he sniffed the rat tube. Second run he had 5 rats, found 4, sniffed and ignored the 5th and then found a bedding tube he liked. 😦. Several dogs are hitting bedding. Not sure it it’s the same bedding tube or not. We’ll try again tomorrow. Send him rat thoughts for tomorrow and Sunday

Feb 4th:

Not a good start today. First he dropped a rat he had picked up and I said “shit” and NQd the run but he got to keep hunting… Till he took a dump in the ring. 😦. I had just had him outside and he gave no indication he needed to go after he peed a river. One more run to go today. Hopefully we have all the NQs out of our system.

Q #1 toward Championship: MUCH better 2nd trial! When Voodoo is “on” he is fully ON. He got first place and high in class finding 5 rats in under 2 min.! He even beat the top dog in the sport who has a whopping 39 champion excellent titles! I hope our runs tomorrow also bring qualifying ribbons. He is also wearing his “new title” ribbon that he earned the last time he was at Muncie, but they ran out of them that weekend (for his master title).


Video of 1st Q:

Feb 5th:

No joy today. On the first run Voodoo decided pooping should be a spectator sport again. I knew early in the run he had once again not given any indication of needing to go outside even though I had kept him out there as long as possible. He found 4 of the 5 rats then went to the gate. I tucked his tail to try to stop him and ended up smearing the poop all over his rear. Not sure if that will make an impression on him or not. But next time he’s probably going to get a match head up his butt! That’s $50 down the drain for his two public dumps this weekend! In the second trial he almost immediately hit on litter and I quickly removed him from the ring to end the fun to hopefully get him the message that litter is not what I want. Oh well, he’s still a baby. Lots to learn!

Feb 17-19 in Muncie:

Voodoo had a great weekend at the Barn Hunt! He got 5 qualifying runs out of 6 attempts (first run he hit on litter). And he is starting to “tell me” when he thinks the course is clear of all the rats! I’m amazed that he has the game figured out SO fast! He is only 4 Qs away from being a Champion! He has 4 shots at it next weekend.

Here are all the videos from this weekend:
Q #2:
Q #3:
Q #4:
Q #5:
Q #6:

Feb 25-26 in KY

Voodoo had a 50% Q rate this weekend. Certainly nothing to be upset about! He had a fast and fun first run in which he qualified (but my phone ran out of space part way through recording it) and then he missed a rat that I KNOW he sniffed when I pointed it out for his second run with 4 rats. It was like he had decided he was done, so it couldn’t be a rat. Oh well. Hopefully he will Q at least twice in MI in a few weeks.

Videos from this weekend. I also bought the professional photos, but have to wait for the CD to arrive.
Q #7-
NQ on day 1-
Q #8-
NQ on day 2-


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