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Week 9 photos

I was trying to “create depth” for the challenge with an action shot, but wasn’t getting what I wanted (though I did get a couple cool shots!) So I went with a stationary shot. Also, it is warm enough today that Voodoo (& Dazzle) were seeking shade after the play session.

3-5-17 Add depth sm3-5-17 Almost got it sm3-5-17 Hi mom3-5-17 Shady spot sm3-5-17 Teeth sm

Week 10- The challenge this week is to show your dog multiple times in one photo. Found just the right dressing room mirror for this shot. Had to find one that had moveable sides and a non-cluttered background. Thankfully it was a quiet day at the mall and no one questioned my going from dressing room to dressing room with no clothes to try on. LOL There are things I would prefer were different in this shot, but Voodoo’s feet were sliding and it was stressing him a bit to keep getting put back in place so I decided this one was good enough. Pretty sure he needs another chiropractic adjustment on his hips. He’s scheduled for one in 2 weeks, but I’ll call tomorrow and see if anything opens up sooner. He is about to stress yawn in this shot. Might have to try this shot again if I happen to find the right mirror with a non-slippery floor in the future.

3-7-17 Multidog sm

This was my first attempt at it, using some mirrors off the shelf in Walmart. But I had to edit out a lot of the background and the lighting made getting a good shot hard. Only had my cell phone.

3-7-17 Multidog2 sm

Pro photos from the Barn Hunt by Springfield photography:

(Can click on any photo to see it larger)

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