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Voodoo at the C match yesterday. I REALLY wish I could have gotten his second Novice obedience run on video because it was really great! But there wasn’t anyone to hand my camera to when I went in the ring. On his first obedience run, he was distracted by the dog in the next ring and the agility equipment that was tucked to the side just outside the ring. But the second time in he was completely focused and did a great job! This video is the 5 minutes I had in the rally ring where we were working on Excellent level signs. Still struggling with his butt swinging out a bit, especially on the fast, but I know I can get that fixed. Very happy with his engagement for 5 straight minutes with only a few treats!

Voodoo and Jiff trying to get Linda to give them treats for leaving the one on the floor between them. NOT easy for either dog to do the leave it when there was competition for the treat!

3-10-17 leave it sm


I found out what treat to use with Voodoo!  Linda was helping hide some rats for barn hunt practice and you would have thought she had doggie crack in her pockets! He wouldn’t even work for me! Kept going to her and ignoring the rats on the course. I even had buffalo jerky in my pocket, which used to keep him glued to me. Okay Voodoo, message received. Pork chops it is! I’ll just have to be careful that Dazzle doesn’t get any because pork makes him really itchy.


I did some nosework practice today at the pet store and it blew Voodoo’s mind when he found the tins! He literally did a double take, like “Mom! Look what I found HERE! In the store!” He was so proud of himself and the staff and customers enjoyed watching him. No photos or video, sorry.


A few seconds of Voodoo’s second jump training session

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