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Week 11

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Week 11- Close up
The sun peeked out and I was able to take advantage of it, and didn’t even have to go outside! I tried to get both his eyes, but the focus wasn’t working out and he wasn’t still enough to do it manually. Also got one other shot I really like (of his nose). The nose photo took way more shots to get than I would have thought 🙂

3-14-17 close up 1 sm3-14-17 close up 2 sm

Rally practice at QC. His first run was beautiful, so I figured I’d get video of his second run. Last week his second run was just as nice as the first one even though he had to wait a long time between runs. Of course the second run today was way less than stellar 🙂 Still would have Qed, but not nearly as nice as the run I was hoping to capture 🙂 I swear he knew I had someone getting video! On his first run, he ran and did the jump as soon as we turned the corner to it! He really loves to jump! This time he waited for the cue, so that was better than the first run.



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