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At 1 year old, Voodoo is 57 lbs. and 23.5″ tall

3-29-17 One year old sm

Week 14 “wide angle”  I don’t have a wide angle lens though. So this is a faux wide angle 🙂 Added a lens distortion effect in post processing. The lighting was weird due to the storm coming in but I really like how this came out.

4-5-17 In the field- wide angle sm

Week 15 – Angles
I’m so thankful for this challenge because I am totally LOVING how these shots came out! No one would ever guess this was taken on a plastic rock in a playground! 🙂 It was getting dark, sunset colors in the sky, so I had to use my flash and it helped give him enough highlights that he isn’t a complete silhouette and it helped preserve the color in the sky. In this first shot, he was watching some kids play ball and standing like a statue.

4-12-17 Angles 1 sm

Got this when I called his name:

4-12-17 Angles 2 sm

I like the feeling of action in this one (even though he wasn’t moving)

4-12-17 Angles 3 sm

This is the plastic rock he was on

4-12-17 Rock

Week 16 – Defy Gravity
This photo matches the vision I had for this week, but I’m not in love with it. Not crazy about the flat feeling, the shadow, the positioning, but it is what I’m going with this week. 🙂 It is a layering of 8 photos. Only had to spend $1 on the balloon 🙂 Voodoo was SUCH a patient subject!

4-19-17 Defy gravity sm

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