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April 1st:

Another 50/50 day. First run he had 5 rats and got 1st place and high in class. Second run he sort of hit on a tube in the corner then left it. He found the three rats that were on the course and then voluntarily did the tunnel to try to tell me he was done. He hadn’t checked everywhere and I was wondering about the one he sort of hit on so I didn’t believe him. I talked him into the litter tube in the corner. Sorry buddy!

April 2nd:

Voodoo did great in crazy 8, got 70 points! But in his Master run, he hit hard on bedding like several of the dogs were doing. Oh well, 1 for 3 in master this weekend. Still pretty good! šŸ™‚ When he really figures out all the intracacies of the game, he will be unstoppable!
I’ll post video and photos once I get home. Tried to get video of crazy 8, but ran out of space on my phone. I meant to transfer files before I left home, but forgot. Ooops!

Video: First Q toward RATCHX title:

April 16th

Voodoo went 1 for 4 this weekend. Both runs on Saturday he hit on litter after he was done finding rats. So I didn’t hold out much hope for today, but he did much better! He got his Q on run #1 with only 2 rats and never looked at a litter tube. On run #2, he had 5 and he found 4. The last rat tube he had checked but dismissed it. I felt it was best for him to trust him and party like he hadn’t missed one rather than showing him the one he missed. Here is his Q run:



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