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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Weather delays and cancelled flights

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Seems the smooth sailing was too good to last. A storm over Chicago has delayed the flight from Toronto to Chicago and caused the final flight of their journey to get cancelled!  She’s looking for other options for getting to Indi.

On his first flight!

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Just got an update text that they are on their first flight and he is napping in his crate at Laura’s feet waiting for take off.  I sure hope it goes well, because he has 3 more flights today!  At least the first flight is really short.

Photo updates

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Necessity is the mother of invention, right.  So, I figured out how to save photos from a text message!  Don’t laugh, it was only at the end of last year that I figured out how to text 🙂  But here are a few photos Laura took and sent as updates:

Exploring from the travel crate

5-24-16 Exploring from the crate

It’s tiring work!

5-24-16 Napping in the crate

No fear of this raised open grid walkway

5-24-16 No fear of this

Fighting to stay awake

5-24-16 Too sleepy to sleep

Lost the “staying awake” battle

5-24-16 Too tired to stay awake

In the arms of a friend

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Voodoo has left the breeder and is now with my friend Laura who will be transporting him to me tomorrow.  They have a LONG day of flights and layovers. Help me pray for a safe and uneventful trip for them both. SOOO looking forward to picking him up at the airport tomorrow night!  Well, just after midnight on Thursday. They went for a walk, he got to try out his travel crate (fell asleep in it) and is now napping on her lap in the hotel.  If I can figure out how to save and post the adorable photos she’s messaging me, I’ll do that 🙂 For now, this one is from the breeder.

5-23-16 Voodoo

Running with their mom

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Short video of the puppies going for a run on the property with their mother, Shelby.

Kirby is my puppy!!

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Just found out that Kirby has been selected to be my puppy!  I am SO excited!  I hadn’t really picked a favorite from the boys, so I would be happy with any one of them, but the breeder said Kirby is VERY food and toy motivated, has high energy but a good “off switch” and he’s the quietest and tallest of the pups. Also a very social and outgoing guy. He sounds perfect! I am SO excited to meet him! The breeder will start calling him Voodoo so he gets used to his new name.  And I sent her some items with my (and Dazzle’s) scent on them, so he can “meet” us over the next week and get used to our scents so we won’t be so brand new when he arrives and he will already have some familiarity. This should help make the transition easier. I am SO excited for his future and can’t wait to continue what the breeder has started and expand his world and knowledge!

5-6-16 Kirby 1


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The breeder takes the pups on lots of walks so they can explore, and exercise and learn to follow a human and experience new sights, sounds, smells, etc. They are almost 7 weeks old in this photo.

5-13-16 walkies

First big swim!

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After another trip to the stream, the pups got to experience deeper water for the first time. They all swam like fishes!

After bath photos

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Also posted on May 6th were some cute photos of the puppies in the yard.  Here are some photos of Kirby from that session:

Vet check and weights

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Getting caught up on updates.  This is from the breeder regarding the pups 6 week check ups on May 6th:

“Our Vacuums and Transformers are 6 weeks old today…. so all 20 puppies went to the vet for their checkups. I’ve been dreading this all week (can you imagine the racket that 20 puppies could potentially make?) but miraculously, they were some of the BEST behaved puppies we’ve ever had! Before their checkup, the puppies had lunch, a big play, and a bath, and then were bundled into crates for the 25 minute journey into town… spent about an hour and half at the vet clinic, and then returned home- barely a peep the whole time! I’ve taken some pictures (while they are all squeaky clean) that I’ll post later, but here are their official 6 week weights: Kimber’s puppies- Pyra- 4.8 lbs, Swipe- 5.28 lbs, Arcee- 5.5 lbs, Minerva, Springer and Mangus – 6.6 lbs, Ratchet 6.8 lbs, Wheelie and Cliff- 7 lbs, and OP 7.26 lbs. Shelby’s pups- Eureka-5.28 lbs, Roomba- 5.5 lbs, Neato 5.72 lbs, Bissell and Oreck 6.38 lbs, Shark 6.6 lbs, Dirt Devil and Dyson – 6.8 lbs, Kirby – 7 lbs, and Hoover 7.26 lbs.

They also had their first experience with water on a walk to the little stream: