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Voodoo (as a puppy) made it into this fun video done by my friend Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Mud puppy!

Thinking back on all the crazy, weird stuff Voodoo has experienced so far without even a second glance including dinosaurs, ninja turtles, and literally lions, tigers, and bears! But what gets him spooked? Watch this short clip to find out.

April 16th:

While in the hotel last night, Voodoo learned about mirrors. He’s never really reacted to mirrors so far, but last night, he was sleeping on the bed facing the mirror and when he woke up and lifted his head, the dog in the mirror did too and he barked at it and ran up to the mirror. Then he saw me in the mirror. I think what confused him was the angles. He knew I wasn’t right in front of the mirror, like he was, and he was having trouble trying to figure out how I could be in two places at once. He did this for a LONG time (during at least 2 TV shows). Several looks in the mirror, then looking at me, then jumping on the bed to play. So then I started messing with him and when he was looking at my in the mirror I was waving at him, making eye contact in the mirror, playing with his toy, motioning for him to ‘come to the mom in the mirror’ but when he looked back at me, I’d act like I hadn’t been doing anything or even looking at him. I had him completely confused and he tried really hard to figure it out! But he never jumped on the mirror. It was like he KNEW I was the one in the mirror, but he knew I was on the bed too!

Voodoo is such a weirdo! He gets this excited when I take the poop scoop to the back fence to toss it. And if I’m using it to clean the yard, he does this the whole time, like it’s some sort of toy! Not sure why it is so exciting LOL Thankfully he’s never tried to play with the scoop.

I was enjoying the beautiful weather last Friday while sitting on the swing while the dogs entertained themselves. Dazzle was on guard duty and patrolling the perimeter. Voodoo was having fun with a floppy Kong disk.

One more video from Friday- Voodoo discovered the joy of the hose and became a possessed puppy! I included some slow motion at the end. Dazzle knows he can play as long as he has a toy in his mouth. But he wants to bite the nozzle if his mouth is empty and he’s gotten my hand one too many times.

Okay, sorry for the blast, but we’re up to date again 🙂

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