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Day 1:

Voodoo had an amazing first day of the CWAGS national! First obed. run he earned a 99.5 out of 100 and got 2nd place. His title run he earned a perfect score, but lost first place on the run off. His run was perfect! So much enthusiasm! THANK-YOU Linda for the “doggie crack” it really did the trick! In addition to the Q ribbon, he got a title ribbon, 2nd place ribbon, and a perfect score ribbon. And we still have two more days to go. 🙂 Dazzle also had 2 great runs, but I screwed up the 2nd one. He has another shot at it tomorrow.

Day 2:

While Dazzle had to stay home because of the severe storms, it was another very good day for Voodoo. We started with “starters” rally and Voodoo did an EXCELLENT job. He was attentive and happy and precise. Sadly I had a brain fart and did a sign wrong and NQ’d us. 😦

Since he got his level 1 obed. title yesterday, I moved him up to level 2 today. I didn’t have a chance to practice the recall over the jump last night, so I pulled a jump into the practice ring and worked on it a few times just before we went in the ring. Again, he gave me a GREAT run, especially since I was tossing things at him, like the recall over the jump that he just learned and the stand for handler exam that we haven’t practiced much. We were connected and moving as a team and he was happy the whole run, very responsive and earned a first place ribbon!

Then later in the day we did nosework level 2 and 3. He finished his level 2 title and is one Q closer to his level 3 title. Just needs one more for the level 3 title.

Tomorrow we only have nosework. Two level 3 runs and hopefully (if he gets his level 3 title) we’ll be able to do 2 level 4 runs.

For being such a young dog at such a big event, given that today was his 3rd day there (1st day was a seminar) he is doing so amazingly well. I’ll take a photo of him with all his ribbons tomorrow. 🙂

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