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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Playing with Dazzle

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Dazzle and Voodoo have gotten even more comfortable with playing and have a better understanding of what the other likes and doesn’t like. Dazzle likes to hold Voodoo’s back leg and Voodoo seems to set himself up for it, so I don’t think he minds and might even like it. Dazzle has a very gentle hold. I have had to stop Dazzle from getting Voodoo’s collar in his teeth and he’s stopped doing that now. I’m very happy with how their play is progressing and just hope and pray it continues once Voodoo matures, gets bigger/stronger and loses his “puppy license”.

Barn hunt, flea market, visiting, etc.

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From 7-11-16

Voodoo had a busy day today! First we stopped by QC to visit the agility trial, but they had been without power since the morning and it was getting rather hot in the building without A/C. He seemed to enjoy watching the dogs running the course in the dim light from the windows, but was panting and fussy because he was hot, so we moved on.

From there, we went to Dayton to a “Rat n’ Go” Barn Hunt practice at Gem City Dog Training. A place he’s never been before yet he walked into the ring and started searching right away! His ability to search independently is great! Still need work on his indication, but I think he will understand very soon. We’ve only had 3 or 4 training sessions with the rats (in my basement), so my goal today was just to get him to a new place where he could have fun. But his behavior here wasn’t any different from what we do at home, so I’m THRILLED with that! With encouragement, he’s able to stay with the tube and will scratch and bite at it to get a treat, so it’s only a matter of practice to get that behavior linked with his initial find of the rat. He likes when I move the tube and he can chase it, so that can be used as a reward during training as well. Here is a short video clip:

On the way home from Dayton, we stopped off at a big indoor “flea market” off I-75. Lots of people in the isles as well as lots of dropped crumbs and other interesting items on the floor. At first, he wanted to clean the floor, but I would stop and wait for him to realize he couldn’t reach the item and then reward him for looking at me. By the second half of our visit, he was ignoring the stuff on the floor, but had started to pull on leash, so we worked on that for the second half. ๐Ÿ™‚ We only stayed about 30 min. but got in a LOT of training! Biggest distraction was a person squeaking a toy. He was totally focused on that and finding out where the sound was coming from. But once the guy moved away, I was able to get his attention back. So I know something we’ll need to work on.

Before I headed home we stopped by a friend’s house where he played with her Lab and her fun toys. He worked on her Tug-a-Jug for a bit and got it to give up some of it’s food contents. Then he “stole” a pig toy from her and had us both laughing at his antics with it. He was rolling on it more often before I started the camera, but I still caught a bit of that. The funniest part was the sounds the toy was making ๐Ÿ™‚ Funny video:

You would think he would be tired once we got home, but he’s been playing/wrestling with Dazzle for the past hour and a half in between trying to get me to play tug with various toys he brings me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Uncut training session

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15 weeks old today- Working on Pivoting for heel position, nose touching a raised target, dumbbell hold/retrieve, and stay with distractions.

The pivots will help him move his rear end when turns are made during rally and obedience competitions. It helps teach him where heel (and right side heel) positions are located and how to remain in the proper position as I move and no matter which direction I move.

The nose touching a raised target can be used for send outs (in obedience or any other sport) or as a way to reposition the dog while working on other behaviors.ย  For example, I can send him to nose touch and then ask him to find heel position or front position at an odd angle, or send him to a nose target while I move around scent articles. Or send him to the target and then ask for position changes (sit, down, stand, etc.)

The dumbbell hold/retrieve is for obedience, but the skills carry over to any retrieving skills, like for service dog tasks or gun dog sports.

And this stay with a target bowl is VERY useful for lots of distance exercises.ย  It can be used to teach the send outs for obedience, or used at much longer distances to teach the send out for gun dog sports where the bowl may not even be visible to the dog when he is positioned and sent from the handler’s side. Helps teach him to follow a straight line in the direction he was sent, sometimes for a few hundred yards over a variety of terrain and even across a body of water! Of course working on a solid stay, even when the dog really wants to go, is useful for SO many situations and sports!


Demanding nail trims

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I was using the dremel on Dazzle’s nails today and for almost the entire time, Voodoo was barking and whining and trying to get on the counter so I would do HIS nails! He also tried sitting quietly and laying down near me in hopes that that would get him his turn, but it didn’t. His nails are already short from our dremel session earlier this week.

Also, he might be broken ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure HOW this can be comfortable?! His butt was up on the base board while the rest of him was completely twisted. Puppies are so pliable!

7-7-16 broken pup Sm

Bass Pro and puppy class

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From 7-9-16

Went to Bass Pro and Voodoo did well.ย  I tried to get him to look at the fish, but he has zero interest. 7-7-16 fish Sm

He was sitting on these rocks with his tail almost in the water and these turtles were VERY interested in it! Glad I saw what they wanted before they bit his tail!

7-7-16 Turtles Sm

“I would like this one please” I did get him this one to practice his duck retrieving skills. He wasn’t ready for a regular size duck, so this one is about quail size.

7-7-16 This one please Sm

Puppy class week 1 covered a lot of material and he already knew how to do it (as I suspected he would) but he LOVED the time we got to spend meeting and playing on leash with other pups and he did great giving me his focus and doing recalls away from the interactions as well. He and the other Lab puppy in the class are best buds because they have similar play styles.ย  Voodoo is a bit much for the smaller pups, but the Corgi also liked to play with him.

7-7-16 puppy class Sm

Incredibly smart!

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I wish I had a photo or video! Voodoo just brought his empty water bowl all the way through the house to me, even though the way he was carrying it meant he couldn’t see where he was going! It was over his head! LOL When my husband filled it, he got a long drink. So I know he was communicating a need. It’s the only time he’s picked up the bowl. Did I mention he’s incredibly smart? ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, he got a new toy from a friend of mine and he loves it!ย  Thank-you Serena!

Happy 4th of July!

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7-4-16 Happy 4th c SM

It stopped raining just long enough to get this photo at a local park.ย  I wanted to get him next to a bed of pretty flowers, but none of the parks I checked had any in bloom. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So we settled for a picnic table by the river. He got an entire handful of treats for holding these flags while I got the shot. The flash on my camera wouldn’t fire, even in manual mode, so I ended up getting fill light with an actual flashlight! He’s SO patient with me!ย  I cropped one in 8×10 landscape as well so I can put it in a calendar.


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Voodoo grew another full inch the past week.ย  He’s now at 16″ tall!

Meeting rats

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Voodoo likes my rats.ย  He stares at them and they stare at him ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I think he will be a good Barn Hunt dog. But he won’t be able to fit on the shelf where the rat cages are much longer!ย  Click on any photo to see it larger.

Fun day at the park

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From 7-2-16

We had a fun day at the park yesterday evening (stayed till after it was dark). Voodoo took his first walk in the woods with me, played on a floating and moving dock, and played on a new playground slide (I think he really likes slides!):

The slide:

The Dock:

And a mostly boring video of rewarding check-ins during our short walk:

I had a 25′ long line, but didn’t need that much length because he didn’t stray very far before checking in for another treat.

A few photos from the park outing:

7-1-16 first hike Sm7-1-16 Mountain goat sm7-1-16 Rip Rap no problem Sm

He also got to meet a visiting baby who was used to dogs and didn’t mind Voodoo giving her a quick kissย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  At one point, he thought about climbing in with her, but changed his mind. Mostly he ignored her, but when they did interact at first, I had my hand on his collar.ย  It was clear he was not bothered by her and wasn’t going to hurt her, so I let go of his collar and got this quick interaction.

7-1-16 Meeting a baby Sm