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Amazing weekend!

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Voodoo had an amazing weekend! Over the 3 day event, he was entered in 11 trials and qualified in all but 2 of them (and 1 of those NQ was completely my fault- he would have had another really high score)!

  • He earned 3 titles (one in Obedience and 2 in Scent)
  • Got a “fastest dog” ribbon for nose work!
  • He earned one 1st place ribbon, two 2nd place ribbons and one 3rd place
  • Earned a perfect score (100) in obedience (and a 99.5 in another).
  • He tried level 4 scent for the first time and qualified in both runs!

I know I have said it several times before, but this pup just blows me away! He was just as eager and precise in his last run as he was in the first. Only issue was that his alert indication for nosework went from a strong nose touch (what we trained) to the barking alert (what he WANTS his indication behavior to be) as we did the 6 scent detection runs. And the one NQ that was all him was when he lied about the location of odor in his first level 3 run, so then I kept second guessing him and he got frustrated. But I am so thrilled with how wonderful he did!

4-30-17 Cwags National sm

CWAGS event

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Day 1:

Voodoo had an amazing first day of the CWAGS national! First obed. run he earned a 99.5 out of 100 and got 2nd place. His title run he earned a perfect score, but lost first place on the run off. His run was perfect! So much enthusiasm! THANK-YOU Linda for the “doggie crack” it really did the trick! In addition to the Q ribbon, he got a title ribbon, 2nd place ribbon, and a perfect score ribbon. And we still have two more days to go. 🙂 Dazzle also had 2 great runs, but I screwed up the 2nd one. He has another shot at it tomorrow.

Day 2:

While Dazzle had to stay home because of the severe storms, it was another very good day for Voodoo. We started with “starters” rally and Voodoo did an EXCELLENT job. He was attentive and happy and precise. Sadly I had a brain fart and did a sign wrong and NQ’d us. 😦

Since he got his level 1 obed. title yesterday, I moved him up to level 2 today. I didn’t have a chance to practice the recall over the jump last night, so I pulled a jump into the practice ring and worked on it a few times just before we went in the ring. Again, he gave me a GREAT run, especially since I was tossing things at him, like the recall over the jump that he just learned and the stand for handler exam that we haven’t practiced much. We were connected and moving as a team and he was happy the whole run, very responsive and earned a first place ribbon!

Then later in the day we did nosework level 2 and 3. He finished his level 2 title and is one Q closer to his level 3 title. Just needs one more for the level 3 title.

Tomorrow we only have nosework. Two level 3 runs and hopefully (if he gets his level 3 title) we’ll be able to do 2 level 4 runs.

For being such a young dog at such a big event, given that today was his 3rd day there (1st day was a seminar) he is doing so amazingly well. I’ll take a photo of him with all his ribbons tomorrow. 🙂

Misc. updates

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Voodoo (as a puppy) made it into this fun video done by my friend Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Mud puppy!

Thinking back on all the crazy, weird stuff Voodoo has experienced so far without even a second glance including dinosaurs, ninja turtles, and literally lions, tigers, and bears! But what gets him spooked? Watch this short clip to find out.

April 16th:

While in the hotel last night, Voodoo learned about mirrors. He’s never really reacted to mirrors so far, but last night, he was sleeping on the bed facing the mirror and when he woke up and lifted his head, the dog in the mirror did too and he barked at it and ran up to the mirror. Then he saw me in the mirror. I think what confused him was the angles. He knew I wasn’t right in front of the mirror, like he was, and he was having trouble trying to figure out how I could be in two places at once. He did this for a LONG time (during at least 2 TV shows). Several looks in the mirror, then looking at me, then jumping on the bed to play. So then I started messing with him and when he was looking at my in the mirror I was waving at him, making eye contact in the mirror, playing with his toy, motioning for him to ‘come to the mom in the mirror’ but when he looked back at me, I’d act like I hadn’t been doing anything or even looking at him. I had him completely confused and he tried really hard to figure it out! But he never jumped on the mirror. It was like he KNEW I was the one in the mirror, but he knew I was on the bed too!

Voodoo is such a weirdo! He gets this excited when I take the poop scoop to the back fence to toss it. And if I’m using it to clean the yard, he does this the whole time, like it’s some sort of toy! Not sure why it is so exciting LOL Thankfully he’s never tried to play with the scoop.

I was enjoying the beautiful weather last Friday while sitting on the swing while the dogs entertained themselves. Dazzle was on guard duty and patrolling the perimeter. Voodoo was having fun with a floppy Kong disk.

One more video from Friday- Voodoo discovered the joy of the hose and became a possessed puppy! I included some slow motion at the end. Dazzle knows he can play as long as he has a toy in his mouth. But he wants to bite the nozzle if his mouth is empty and he’s gotten my hand one too many times.

Okay, sorry for the blast, but we’re up to date again 🙂

Barn Hunt updates

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April 1st:

Another 50/50 day. First run he had 5 rats and got 1st place and high in class. Second run he sort of hit on a tube in the corner then left it. He found the three rats that were on the course and then voluntarily did the tunnel to try to tell me he was done. He hadn’t checked everywhere and I was wondering about the one he sort of hit on so I didn’t believe him. I talked him into the litter tube in the corner. Sorry buddy!

April 2nd:

Voodoo did great in crazy 8, got 70 points! But in his Master run, he hit hard on bedding like several of the dogs were doing. Oh well, 1 for 3 in master this weekend. Still pretty good! 🙂 When he really figures out all the intracacies of the game, he will be unstoppable!
I’ll post video and photos once I get home. Tried to get video of crazy 8, but ran out of space on my phone. I meant to transfer files before I left home, but forgot. Ooops!

Video: First Q toward RATCHX title:

April 16th

Voodoo went 1 for 4 this weekend. Both runs on Saturday he hit on litter after he was done finding rats. So I didn’t hold out much hope for today, but he did much better! He got his Q on run #1 with only 2 rats and never looked at a litter tube. On run #2, he had 5 and he found 4. The last rat tube he had checked but dismissed it. I felt it was best for him to trust him and party like he hadn’t missed one rather than showing him the one he missed. Here is his Q run:



Catching up on photos

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At 1 year old, Voodoo is 57 lbs. and 23.5″ tall

3-29-17 One year old sm

Week 14 “wide angle”  I don’t have a wide angle lens though. So this is a faux wide angle 🙂 Added a lens distortion effect in post processing. The lighting was weird due to the storm coming in but I really like how this came out.

4-5-17 In the field- wide angle sm

Week 15 – Angles
I’m so thankful for this challenge because I am totally LOVING how these shots came out! No one would ever guess this was taken on a plastic rock in a playground! 🙂 It was getting dark, sunset colors in the sky, so I had to use my flash and it helped give him enough highlights that he isn’t a complete silhouette and it helped preserve the color in the sky. In this first shot, he was watching some kids play ball and standing like a statue.

4-12-17 Angles 1 sm

Got this when I called his name:

4-12-17 Angles 2 sm

I like the feeling of action in this one (even though he wasn’t moving)

4-12-17 Angles 3 sm

This is the plastic rock he was on

4-12-17 Rock

Week 16 – Defy Gravity
This photo matches the vision I had for this week, but I’m not in love with it. Not crazy about the flat feeling, the shadow, the positioning, but it is what I’m going with this week. 🙂 It is a layering of 8 photos. Only had to spend $1 on the balloon 🙂 Voodoo was SUCH a patient subject!

4-19-17 Defy gravity sm

Photos- “Low Key”

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The challenge in the photo group this week was a “Low Key” shot (also known as “film noir).

I am LOVING the way these came out! I was having so much fun with this that Voodoo eventually fell asleep and I got even more shots 🙂

I had to use a flashlight as my light source in the fully dark room and I needed a slow shutter to compensate for the other settings so that definitely added a challenge since any slight movement caused blur. Thankfully he can play statue pretty well :-) Definitely easier once he fell asleep though! I was then able to use a 2 sec shutter and “light paint” him, which produced my second favorite photo (laying on his side).

I had to get a few shots of Dazzle too!

It was hard to choose but this one was my favorite!:

3-28-17 Low Key 1 sm

This is a close second, only because I love Voodoo’s eyes and I can’t see them when he’s sleeping 🙂

3-28-17 Low Key 2 sm

He definitely got bored with the photo shoot!

3-28-17 Low Key 3 sm

This was before I figured out I could “paint with light” using a longer shutter speed. He wasn’t quite asleep in this shot.

3-28-17 Low Key 4 sm

If the focus in this one was sharper, it would be my favorite. But the focus is just a bit off. While I wouldn’t want to blow it up and put it on a canvas due to it’s focus issues, it looks great online at the smaller size 🙂

3-28-17 Low Key 5 sm

Dazzle wanted to know what was going on behind the closed door, so he got to play too. Since he knows how to “rest” his head on cue, his was a quick session.

3-28-17 Low Key 2 sm

I love his eyes in this one! He’s such a pro at being my photo subject 🙂

3-28-17 Low Key sm

Nosework titles and Qs

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On Wed. the 22nd Voodoo was entered in the CWAGS trials to try to get his Level 1 title. Well, he managed to get that plus 2 Qs toward his level 3 title!

Level 1 title run:

First Q at level 3. This was his second run of the night and I had him out of the car way too early. He was very excited and barked a lot.

His last run of the night- Q #2 in Level 3. He was more focused and not as barky. Hopefully he can Q two more times in level 3 on Wednesday for his level 3 title! But if not, I signed him up for 6 nosework runs at the National next month. He will be trying for his level 2 title (1 Q needed) as well as level 3 and/or level 4 depending on how he does Wednesday.

And just for fun, Voodoo playing with a young Pointer puppy after his Rally class at QC:

Later today we will be trying for the 2 more Qs he needs for his level 3 title. I’ll post the videos and updates as soon as I get a chance.